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Goblet of Fire!!
6 November, 2005, 7:47 pm
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The fourth movie in the Harry Potter series is set to be released on November 18th. Goblet of Fire marks the return of Voldermort to human form. It’s bound to be an interesting journey and boy, am I looking forward to it! The other day I downloaded the trailer for the movie. The whole 34 Mb and that was no mean feat given the amazing cable connection that I use. But it was worth the effort. The trailers works as the perfect appetizer with glimpses of all the main incidents of the book. You even get a glimpse to the battle of wands that leads to cool phenomenum of Priori Incantatem. The movie promises to be way better than Prisoner of Azkaban. Although the PoA was a lot more darker than the prior two movies, yet it deviated somewhat from the original storyline. It neglected some parts of the book that I felt were integral to the book. And that was a bummer!But from the trailer GoF promises to be a lot more satisfying. I haven’t read anything that talks of cuts to the story and I hope they don’t deviate from the actual plot line. GoF does seem to herald in the true ‘growing up’ of the kids! What not with the Yule Ball and Rita Skeeter lurking around evry corner 😛 Probably that’s whats so amazing about this series. It’s not just a fantasy story for 11-12 year olds. It’s a lot more. It’s just amazing how the characters and the story has attained more depth with each new book. It’s not just that the books have grown darker each time, but the themes too. From the concept behind the Mirror of the Erised in the Philopsopher’s Stone… to Harry letting Pettigrew go in PoA… to the ritual using which Voldermort rises again in GoF… to the battle at the Ministry in the Order of the Phoenix. It’s been truly amazing stuff.

So then, I guess it’s quite evident that I can hardly wait for the movie. I just hope I am able to land a copy that is not a cinema print!!


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It’s even more exciting for people who haven’t read the book yet.

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