Red, White and Black

11 December, 2005, 11:20 am
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TOI unveils Musharraf!

DB (interviewer): He calls you ammi, which means ‘mum’, but what do you call him?ZM (Mushy’s mum): I call him Pervez.

DB: Do you not have a nickname for him?

ZM: I used to call him ‘Palloo’, but then I stopped, because it spoils the name. Now I call him Pervez.

How is Palloo going to sound tough to the world now?! Poor him. 😛


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oye isn’t palloo a part of a saree? 😛

Comment by BD

Musharraf is in fact living up to Kipling’s ideal
‘If you can walk with kings, yet not lose the common touch’

‘Unveiled’ to his benefit as a caring husband and a dutiful son.

Comment by Id it is

I’d rather call him lalloo. ROFL.

Comment by H. S. Saroch

on the money again bruv

Comment by banshee

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