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Pakistan now likes Uncle Sam better?
21 December, 2005, 9:13 pm
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According to a report carried in The Daily Times today, the popularity ratings of the US in Pakistan have increased:

“Pakistanis with a favourable opinion of the United States has doubled from 23 percent in May 2005 to more than 46 percent today. Support for Bin Laden over the same period dropped from 51 percent to just 33 percent now. The reason: 78 percent of those surveyed said that American assistance had made them feel more favourable to the United States – even an astonishing 79 percent of those with confidence in Bin Laden now have a more favourable view of the US because of American earthquake aid.?

I was really surprised by the findings. Anti-Americanism and mistrust of the Americans has grown into our national psyche – yet it seems that opinions have reversed for the first time in years. The reason being the direct role of the US and its forces in relief work after the Oct 8th earthquake:

Eighty-one percent said that earthquake relief was important for them in forming their overall opinion of the United States.

If this report indeed reflects the popular opinion here, then it should act as glaring eye-opener to the US. It shows them that the way to win hearts is not through the “war on terror” but by other more peaceful (and well also more meaningful) ways.

Follow the report here.


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most humans are easy. the u.s. government of course knows how to melt their hearts.

Comment by voidrain

Hey, I am Haroon. Just saw ur blogs and it was astonishing to see a girl from Pakistan writing blogs, its was really nice to know. But I must say, its a lot of Americans investing a lot in research and technology for all arund the world, though we cannot forget that political thingy alongside, but still a lot to gain from them, learn from them and then may be the pay back time of ours like i read (renaissance blog) come.

Nice to know ya so far! do hit me back with a line or two.

Comment by Haroon Saeed

Hi, was just going through a paradox community I guess on orkut, so thats how I landed at ur blogs.

Dont know the names of Drs. I remember one person, may be one of them was Algorithm teacher (they in total were 5), because I was interested in Theoretical CS. The first question asked to me was what is the value of x in cos(x) = 3 , lol. Yeah LUMS not a place for MS/Ph.D.

Btw write some techie stuff on your blogs also. Its better to share such things.


Comment by Haroon Saeed

astonishing to see a girl from Pakistan writing blogs

Now why is that astonishing Haroon??

Comment by BD

Because I have rarely seen a female technical person around and sharing such things, nothing in particular, was just an on-spot comment.

Comment by Haroon Saeed

@the topic

I guess the bajaur airstrikes would pretty much change the survey results 😐

Comment by BD

definitely, check this.

Comment by Ayesha

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