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A Saudi Ploy?
5 January, 2006, 11:29 am
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BBC reports

Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah has offered to pay to repair India’s largest mosque, Delhi’s historic Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque).

The Times of India newspaper said the Saudi king also wanted to fund education in India.

Both offers have raised concerns with Indian security agencies who are said to fear that the money could be used to preach radical Islam, the Times reported.

I think, for once, Times of India may not be speculating. The Saudi king will want to invest in other avenues as well. In Pakistan we have seen ample demonstrations of this ploy. Under the guise of helping out, the Saudis have been able to successfully inculcate the radical and the vitriolic ideology of Wahhabism in Pakistani society. I may wish to believe that the Saudi intentions here are noble, but past experience tells me otherwise. It would thus be advisable for India to tread carefully on this offer. The Jamaa-e-Masjid should be renovated, but not at the cost of the Indian society. If this offer goes through, close monitoring of the Saudi funds will need to be carried out.Arrggh… damn the fact, that the Saudis have the money but not the appropriate ideology to export to the world.


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well said Ayesha.

India has to thread carefully about this offer. While if might still be ok to allow Saudis to renovate the mosque, Education sector should be a strict ‘no entry’ for Saudi funds.

Comment by Global Indian

Global Indian, very true. Actually thats where India is more “fortunate” viz-a-viz Pakistan.

I am hopeful that we won’t see a repeat but it’s always better to be careful.

Comment by Ayesha

Never look a gift horse in the mouth! I’m sure the historical monument could do with a facelift regardless of who pays for it. But you are right, the Indians have to diplomatically negotiate the offer to ensure that there are ‘no strings attached’.

Comment by Id it is

I don’t agree with the fact that Saudi Arabia has any thing to do with radical Islam in Pakistan. But if you really want to put it on other countries, then I would also like to include Iran, and as a matter of fact the USA. Later being the puppet master behind the curtains. Any how I don’t think India needs to be on alert due to radical Islam, they should, however, be concerned about radical Hinduism. Terrorist organizations like RSS, Bajrang Dal and the thugs of people like Bala Thakray. They need to be stoped and taken care of.

Comment by H. S. Saroch

Haroon, Saudi Arabia has a LOT to do with the spread of radical Islam – more so than any other player.

Think back to the good old days before Zia and the Afghan war… why did religious seminaries spring up all around Pakistan like Mushrooms? What about the emergence of radical sunni organisatons? Do you know who funded all of these? It’s a simple answer – petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia. Iran too had a role to play – but the Saudi regime was, by far, the major culprit.

We need to stop idolizing Saudi Arabia – no they are not angels sent by God. There is a lot wrong with that society and state.

And yes India does need to be concerned with the rise of radical Islam – more Muslims live there than the whole of Pakistan. Its not as simple a picture as you paint it to be.

Comment by Ayesha

Afghan “JIHAD” was US’s proxy war fought by Zia and company and funded by saudi oil. I am not advocating Saudis or Iranis.
As I pointed it out before, strings are being pulled from some where else.
And I do agree that Saudi and Iranis have spent alot in radicalism, organizations like lashkar jhangwi, ISO etc. That money could have been put to a better use, welfare of commoners who don’t have any thing to do with this radicalism. I agree with you but my point was that we should point out actual players of international politics. Islamic leaders are just puppets. They have to obey their lords thats all they can do.
And we should be concerned about hindu radicalism as well because, as opposed to 20% or so minorities, there are 80% of hindus there as well, majority of whom is radical and never accepted Islam in india.

Comment by H. S. Saroch

there are 80% of hindus there as well, majority of whom is radical and never accepted Islam in india.

Oh really? What makes you think so?

Comment by BD

So we need to identify the actual players? Well in that case – the Saudi leaders fit the mould perfectly. Have you ever wondered over how they sustain their autocratic writ over the Saudi people? They become guardians of God’s religion by virtue of the ideology furthered by them. So it is in their interest to ensure that Wahabism spreads far and wide, both internally and externally. Here they are the lords themselves.

Also if India has an 80% Hindu population, does that directly imply that all of them will be fundamentalists and radicals? IMHO, the Hindu population link is pointless in the context of this post. This is a needless tangent.–>

Comment by Ayesha

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