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New Map for Kashmir
27 February, 2006, 4:14 pm
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The Daily Times reports that Pakistani embassies abroad are floating a new map of Kashmir – a map that deviates from the traditional position of Pakistan on the issue:

The map shows the Northern Areas of the state, which have been officially considered an integral part of the former princely state, as a separate entity, identified simply as the “Northern Areas?. The Line of Control, formerly the Ceasefire Line, has been removed on the map. The entire state, both the Indian-held part and Azad Kashmir, has been shown as one, single, undivided entity, identified as ‘Jammu and Kashmir state’ with the words “disputed territory? appearing in very small letters under this appellation.

Two things to be noted: Contrary to Pakistan’s age-old stance, the Northern Areas are not being considered as part of Kashmir. But then are the Northern Areas to be treated as another autonomous region or as a federally administered area? Or what? Confusion lingers. Secondly, the whole of Kashmir has been termed as “disputed territory” – a significant deviation. I am not sure, what to make of it. Maybe, this map has been released to test the waters – to gauge how people would react to any major deviation from the hackneyed Pakistani stance. On the other hand, it can be considered as yet another signal to India: that Pakistan is willing to give ground and have some serious discussion over the issue. It may also be an attempt to score a point with the Kashmiris – Pakistan does not want to divide the Kashmiri families.

Or it may just be a simple map. But interesting nonetheless.


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National or state boundaries are losing importance in the onslaught of the economic globlization that has hit us. With China making such tremendous leaps on that front, India and Pakistan have woken up and are trying to renegotiate their differences ( Kashmir being one) lest they miss ‘the tide’ and thus unable to ‘ride’ it.

Comment by Id it is

This news item took me by surprise. But, then suddenly truth hit me. It’s the Friday Times! What else can one expect from pseudo-liberals such as the Friday Times. Kashmir seems to be a huge problem for the Sethi guy. In an interview with an Indian newspaper,he claimed that Kashmir only matters to a small group of people (in Pakistan) today, while issues like the Baglihar or Kishenganga dams strike a more emotional chord. This is plain stupid. Kashmir is a uniting force for Pakistanis as it is for Indians.

The Friday Times people have been regularly publishing lies about Kashmir, and the Indian press, always on the lookout for some weird news, makes this idiot famous in India.

Once they attributed an absurd lie to Mirwaiz Farooq and later I out found that the lie had been deleted from their website. Recently they wrongly understood Yasin Malik’s statement and that led to a huge controversy involving Sheikh Rashid. A couple of weeks back the Friday Times claimed that the UJC had decided to favor complete independence for Kashmir, another fabricated lie.

Someone should take this Sethi guy to task.,curpg-1.cms

Comment by kashmir

“Pakistan does not want to divide the Kashmiri families”.

Pakistan likes to work in mysterious ways, much like god. For it was created in a sea of family divisions and now, it is all for “family emotions” and non-divisions. Just like how it is the most important ally in the War on terror, but is still suspect to harboring Osama. For it deplores terrorism but every single terrorist act in the west or India names a Pak national as the perpetrator.(7/11, 9/11, london bombings, madrid bombings… the list is endless). Just like how it is a “responsible nation” when it comes to Kashmiri’s emotions but is highly irresponsible when it comes to stopping its nuclear scientists from selling technology to rogue states. Just like how it dismisses Indian claims when it comes to terrorism accusations and demands evidence, but when such “scientific, forensic” evidence is presented, refuses to take any action other than censoring such news from its populace!

Paksitan works in mysterious ways, just like God.

Comment by IamMine

@ John Adams: I have deleted your last comment. If you want to vent and abuse others, take it to some other place. You are not welcome here for such nonsense.

Comment by ayesha

@ayesha You deleted my comment because you founed it to be senseless. Agreeable! Lekin how can you tolerate some one writing a blasphemous argument like
“Pakistan likes to work in mysterious ways, much like god” just because he is playing with words ! yaar I donot want to question your faith but then again try recalling the 3 states of faith in islam. try translating what he said in urdu and then imagining the intensity of the statement. The statement he uses is full of sarcasm ! I just don’t even wanna talk about it but I think being a muslim one is not suppose to hold nobody equal to God whereas this guy’s faith holds mythological creatures with elephant trunks as gods hitherto he can use , abuse or misuse the word god since it is so common among the religion of many gods. It is very probable that I am labelled narrow minded after this comment but I won’t care bcoz I wud not be an accomplice into the biggest sin according to islam of shirk be it for metaphorical purposes or with concrete usages.
Khair , what I think may be wrong lekin this ideology pertaining to freedom of speech where you donot try to nub the evil from it’s bud is the soul reason why people go on picking paki’s abroad bcoz ppl like u r just too lenient.

Comment by John Adams

No John, on the basis of your last comment you are an intolerant kid, who really needs to grow up.

You are seriously not welcome here – no matter how strongly your frail sentiments are hurt. Please abstain. Right now I have zero patience with your comments. Goodbye.

Comment by ayesha

Dear Ayesha ji,do u really think my sentiments are so frail that they would get hurt by waila people talking on blogs with misperceptions of being the literary elite. NO Sahiba! Now, you need to grow up!
There are a handful of pakis with the access and ability to write on these blogs. A beautiful urdu or panjabi kinda phrase to represent them all is “Andho mei kaana raja” . You go onto discuss stuff which , is well above your might , thought and understanding then you intend to show pitty towards the meagre number of people who are like u since u wish to outweigh them in a challenge of the retards. Millions of pakis with a better iq and understand of stuff are left out . Khair , now may just end up again by saying grow up! Lame!

Comment by John Adams

John, I am not for personal character attacks, but if you deem my comment as blashphomous, you have a long way to go in terms of maturity.

“whereas this guy’s faith holds mythological creatures with elephant trunks as gods hitherto he can use , abuse or misuse the word god since it is so common among the religion of many gods”.

I am in no mood to get into a Hindu v.s Muslim beliefs fight. If you have strong conviction on your beliefs and faith, I am happy for you, and I’d expect the same respect from you towards my beliefs. I am in no way belittling Islam with my sarcasm, but if you perceive it to be that way, I must conclude that the education you’ve received thus far has been put to waste.

“You go onto discuss stuff which , is well above your might , thought and understanding”

John, I am sorry if this discussion is beyond your might and understanding. If free speech chokes you, why make a point of it with people who believe in it? Go join the Army where your servile and non-questioning attitue will get you places. It is insular people like you who justify censorship as “matters of the state and religion are beyond the civilian’s understanding”! What a pity!

As for your accusations of using ‘fancy’ English and ‘time’ on my hands to indulge in the blogosphere, it landed me with a perfect score in TOEFL and a great score in GRE John. And I got into an excellent school in the US to pursue what I like. Oh, I’m going to Georgia Tech next fall for my PhD. Care to join me (if you can), John? Oh wait, you wont. Coz the sweet air of freedom in the US will choke you, wont it John? How can you ever get yourself to step into the land of kafirs right?

Comment by IamMine

Lemme clarify another point of view , muslims donot take christains as kafirs, see ur meagre knowledge ! They are known as ahl-e-kitaabe and different names like yahood oh nasara are used for them . It is a sin to call the christains or jews kafirs according to the sharia of islam! So they are not kafir but yes hindus are kafirs. does that help increase ur knowledge , I hope so !

Comment by John Adams

Dude, when it comes to religion, me and you are on the opposite ends of the spectrum. I am of the belief that all religions are forms of Mass Hypnosis while you are a Muslim zealot. You will never see what I see and vice versa, so any info you give me about Islam’s classification on infidels and anything else does not have any impact on me. Same goes with your attempts to belittle Hinduism, I could care less. However, if you did want to have a mature argument with any Hindu, you would genuinely find out what Hinduism is all about, & you would know its a way of life and philosophy as against a religion. Poytheism, Pluralism co-exist peacefully with monotheism in Hindu scriptures. Try them, they dont bite.

As for me trying to fake a Gtech Admit, I aint out to get you to date me you based on my credentials, so drop it. And I do not know why you thought I was trying to pass off as an American, although I have lived here and gone to Graduate school here!! What I do know, however, is that if you tried a “Reading Comprehension” test, you would fail miserably. For that matter, you would flunck a high school english grammar test. I wonder if the ‘prestigious’ institute you claim to attend puts up with people who cannot express themselves with clarity (in english). How would you ever write in an International peer reviewed technical Journal dude??!! Do you even know what that is. Or do you have enought time away from your prayers and religion to actually do some meaningful research?

Anyways, I do not want to hijack Ayesha’s blog to prove a point to a person of insular, prosaic & moribund itellect as thyself. You want to continue this argument, post in my blog, not here.

Comment by IamMine

you make me giggle a googol times! Ohk here is the deal,if i tell u which college i go to alongwith the field of study and if turns out to be better in ranking than your georgia tech with clearly undeniable evidence of my being registered as a student there u will send me a picture of u behind a big poster saying that today “I have died cuz of my shame and I have been molested by roosters on the american highways , i believe john adams is right and i am despondent to lick the dirt wearing off his shoes as an expression of honour, my forfathers were jackasses to follow hinduism and even any of my relatives to this date are nothing better than mindless zombies, as a result of that I donot follow any religion ,etc” . If you agree to that I will tell u complete details of who i am and where i am , alongwith what i study and where i study what I study , deal? If your college ranks higher than my college then i’ll do the same thing .

Comment by John Adams

Will you two kids, please STOP it here? Thank you, very much.

Any further comments in the same vein will be deleted. You two want to fight, go get yourself another room. Not here.

Comment by ayesha

Thats what I told him, Aunty :-))

Comment by IamMine

oh my fault, IamMine! I had already zoned out before I got to the end of your comment. You’re a kid no more. 😛

Comment by ayesha

Blog author, John Adams is an incitful moth*er Fu*cke*r.

“my forfathers were jackasses to follow hinduism and even any of my relatives to this date are nothing better than mindless zombies”

This comment needs to be removed!! You are inviting hate arguments by letting this numbckull post recklessly.

Comment by Proud Kaffir

You *know* your blog is popular when you have a flamewar on it! I wish I had one too!

Comment by Mihir

War is near.And I am really very upset.Everytime we Sikh’s pay price for all this rubbish things.While you hindus are so cowards.Sometime i think what you coward piss drinker do if we make KHALISTAN.In both armies only Punjabis can fight bravery.
Punjabis from both side need to create new Country.PUNJABISTAN.

Comment by Gurdev Gill

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