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Pragmatic Speech and More
24 March, 2006, 9:53 pm
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The Indian PM has finally broken the silence and has blown new life into the Indo-Pak peace process:

“We are not afraid of discussing Jammu and Kashmir or of finding pragmatic, practical solutions to resolve this issue as well,” he said.

He said that borders between the two sides could not be redrawn, but they could be made “irrelevant”.

Included in his speech was the intent to move forward on the Saichen issue. Extremely welcomed words. I hope they are reflected in some ground actions as well. Meanwhile, the Daily Times reported that India Defence Ministry has lowered the threat ranking for Pakistan and no longer considers it “the single greatest threat to peace and stability” in India:

On Pakistan, it said India’s peace effort has maintained strategic stability on the left flank but Nepal and Bangladesh continue to cause concern, mainly in the border regions with both countries.

It noted the peace initiatives, post-earthquake cooperation between both countries, agreements on pre-notification of missile tests, “frank and constructive discussions? on Sachem, the communication links between the two Coast Guards and the holding of the ceasefire for over two years.

But it still echoes “concern” that Pakistan is fiddling inside India:

Though infiltration efforts have decreased, such attempts continue and the infrastructure in Pakistan has not been dismantled. “The level of violence in Jammu and Kashmir, which is resonating in other parts of the country, such as the October-end blasts in Delhi, continue to be a matter of utmost concern.?

Last but not the least, would Manmohan Singh be visiting Pakistan in July ? Some speculation.


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