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Of rickshaws, faqirs and letters
25 March, 2006, 5:44 pm
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I came across three interesting stories today and thought they were worth sharing. : )

The Rickshaw

A British couple were so enchanted by the Pakistani version of the rickshaw, that they decided to travel through Pakistan on a hired rickshaw. Sweet of them. Brings a smile to those of us, who hate the blasted thing. But, yeah they are unique – with their plush florescent orange or blue seats, with the assortment of mirrors and of course with their own brand of truck art. And hold on, how can I forget the amazing poetry you would find at the back of these rickshaws. One would come across the cheesiest of limericks and its pity that my memory sucks. I can only recall the famous “maa ki dua, janaat ki hawaa” line. [Story]

The Faqirs

The participants of the World Social Forum at Karachi were entertained to various shades of the local folk music of Pakistan. Sigh, it was held in Karachi and not Lahore. Must have been an amazing evening. [Story]
                                                                                                                               The Letter

The world’s largest letter has finally made it to Pakistan. The letter has been sent by tens of thousands of Indian school children. The project lead of “Friends without Borders” states:

The letter says, “Lets join hearts for friendship. Together we can make a better world. Signed; Children of India,” which will be unveiled on the cricket pitch of Qaddafi Stadium in Lahore on April 4.

“It’s just the beginning. Now it’s up to the Pakistani children to respond to the gesture which will boost the peace process.”

And I am sure they will. [Story]


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your stories show vb errors. did you know? 😛

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the story is here

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