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Paradise Now
7 April, 2006, 2:43 am
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This evening I got hold of the DVD for Paradise Now. Its tagline "From the most unexpected place, comes a bold new call for peace" and the back flap, both had me curious. Especially when the back flap said that as a testament to the humanity of the film and its balanced portrayal of the volatile issue it had been officially endorsed by Israel. I really wanted to see it for myself.

The movie was big surprise. Primarily because it did provide a very humanistic view of the violent struggle going on in the region. It’s a very poignant statement on how foreign occupation has influenced the life of an average Palestinian. It skillfully depicts both sides of the coin. It shows how the Israeli occupation has driven the average Palestinian to the wall that violent resistance seems to be the only way out. At the same time, it depicts how the violence furthered by the militant groups influences the youth – how the youth is lured towards suicide bombing by playing upon their sense of injustice and their feelings of helplessness. And not to forget the role of religious doctrines in persuading the youth for suicide bombing.

For me, one of the most lasting sequence of images were the shots of the Palestinian refugee camps on the West Bank against the plush environ of Tel Aviv. And then to think that the land belonged to the Palestinians just a few decades ago…

Paradise Now is highly recommended, solely for the effort to depict a non-violent message about the conflict and equally for highlighting the impact of the conflict on human lives. The cinematography is not bad and towards the end there are a couple of passionate performances. It's a definite watch.


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