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Vaccination for Polio
8 April, 2006, 6:50 pm
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The young have been recruited in the latest Polio drive to help vaccinate the even younger. Daily Times Lahore reports:

Aamir Suhail (11) and Shahbaz Hussain (12), students in class six and seven at Government MC Boys School (Green Town), were supposed to be in school when they were found vaccinating children by going from house to house for the Punjab government’s three-day polio campaign.

The two boys said they did not like the work, but they were doing so because they were students of a government school and their teacher had lured them by offering Rs 100 per day for the campaign, which started on April 4 and ends on April 6. The two visited around 600 houses and vaccinated 2,000 children over the three days of the campaign and did not attend school. They will get Rs 50 each on April 7 and 8 for vaccinating children at polio camps.

And the reason these kids ended up doing this was because:

District Health Officer (DHO) Dr Jaffar Saleem, the head of a polio campaign, said students more than 15 years old were involved in the campaign only. He said schoolchildren were trained and their job was to assist an elder person. “They just mark houses and write names of children who are vaccinated,” he added.

He said he had to ask the Education Department for assistance because he was short of workers. “We have only 2,000 workers including lady health workers and the staff of basic health units and rural health centres, but we need 5,500 workers for the campaign,” Dr Jaffar said, adding he knew that schoolchildren from small age groups were working in the campaign, but the department had no other option.

So essentially, these kids ended up this was because the government wanted to save some money? I don't necessarily find much wrong with involving the kids in this endeavour. But it was done the wrong way. This was one task that could have been used by the government to develop some civic sense in these kids. They could have been trained properly and rewarded with a little more than Rs. 50. But the way it was dealt by the government is condemnable. How the heck could they have no other option? I am betting they had at least 3 months to plan this thing and they couldn't recruit enough people for it? They just took the easy way out. Bleh.



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I wouldn’t be surprised if this last minute set up was due to someone wanting to take some ‘meaningful’ initiative for the “World Health Day” that was celebrated on the 7th! It’s all got to look good on paper!

Comment by I Me My

Iditis, actually I don’t think they were motivated by that. From the reports I have read it didn’t turn out to be such a huge success.

Comment by ayesha

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