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Carnage at Karachi
11 April, 2006, 10:35 pm
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Hell broke loose today at Nishtar Park, Karachi where a bomb explosion has killed 47 at the last count:

At least forty-seven people have been killed and more than 50 injured as a loud explosion occurred here at the Nashtar Park area on Tuesday.
The explosion went off at a place where a religious congregation with regard to Seerat-e-Nabi was being held. The congregation was organised by Jamat Ahl-e-Sunnat.
According to reports quoting eyewitnesses, the explosion went off exactly under the stage where the religious scholars of the said religious party were performing Magrib (Sunset) prayer.

details: GEO report and BBC News.

This was a 'moderate' Sunni congregation targetted while namaz was being said. So then there is no sanctity of religion even in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?! The poor souls who have died in this carnage where merely carrying out the necessary religious rites and this is what they deserved? :\

Apparently, the congregation site had been cleared by the bomb squad before it was handed over to the organisers and television reports are now rife of speculations of a suicide bombing a-la Iraq. My only fear is that it might set loose a series of reciprocatory attacks on the other sectarian groups in the country. The state and the religious leadership must take the lead in urging calm and restraint in the angered masses of the city. Pakistan can surely do without the re-initiation of sectarian violence.


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I sincerely believe that whenever the human race has not been gainfully employed in say the pursuit of knowledge, they resort to their darker side and the result is like what happened at Nishat Park. Bright and sharp minds channel their energies into detroying what is really theirs. Looking back at history this was apparent in the dark ages

Comment by IMeMy

Musharraf needs to create more oppurtunities so that the youth are not lured in to religious extremism. Have you seen Khamosh Pani?

Comment by bd

BD 😦

it was scheduled to be shown on campus today. but it was too late for me to stay back, see it and then get back home. 😦

@ iditis:

yeah, you are very right. its all linked. afterall, an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.

Comment by ayesha

lol, the : ( is funny.

Comment by ayesha

ittehad yaqeen tanzeeem, hai millat ka manshoor
har jadaa-o-manzil per,millat ke dil ka noor
ham yak-dil yak-jaan
ham zindaaaa qaum hain…paindaaa qaum hain

Comment by maria

maria, you know it’s weird. how we grew up admist all those milli-naghme on ptv…

sohni dharti… is parcham ke saaye tale, hum aik hain hum aik hain…main bhi pakistan hoon, tu bhi pakisan hai…

and now one doesn’t hear any. and given the volatile national fabric, i dunno if the lack of nationalistic fervor is necessarily a good thing.

Comment by ayesha

There was violent retribution, wasnt there?

Comment by sukhi

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