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Hope for Women
1 May, 2006, 2:44 am
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Mukhtaran Bibi has been included in the list of Times's 100 most influential people. This comes in the wake of two other adultery cases that have hit the papers over the last month or so. The good news is that in both the cases, the victims have been accorded justice and a chance to resbuild their lives:

District and Sessions Judge Hyderabad Zaheeruddin Leghari set free the love marriage couple, Sodi and Abdul Hakeem, on Saturday. The couple had been languishing in jail in a Hudood Ordinance case for the past five years. [#]


The final year student of a private medical university in Hyderabad, 24-year-old Aruna, the daughter of a retired sessions judge based in Sahiwal, fell in love with Moazzam, a software engineer working with the PTCL, and tied the knot with him.

Strongly opposing the match, Aruna’s parents pressed her to seek separation and return home. On her refusal, her father Ata Muhammad got registered a case u/s 16/7/1979 of the Hudood laws … alleging that “I was going to my maternal village 13/1-AL near Renala Khurd when I saw Moazzam, his brother Junaid, Shahid and two unidentified accomplices taking away my daughter.”

In the open court where dozens of lawyers, journalists and social workers were present, Aruna in the company of her counsel Abdul Alf Saleem told the court that she had contracted marriage in August 2005 with Moazzam with her free will and informed her parents (about the marriage) after a few days… the court met again, the judge rejected all charges against Aruna, her husband Moazzam and brother-in-law Junaid and set them free. [#]

So then there is some hope.



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Mukhtaran is not alone anymore in her crusade to seek justice; Wafa Sultan and Ayaan Hirsi Ali seems to have joined her bandwagon. What are your views on these two?

Comment by I Me My

Quite frankly id, I don’t know much about either of the two women. So it’s better to reserve my opinion on the two for the time being.

Comment by ayesha

I have recently posted on those two.

Comment by I Me My

Will definitely have a look. Been tied with exams and all things boring in life…

Comment by ayesha

Good luck on the exams.

Comment by I Me My

Oh, saw the last of them for some time to come now. 🙂

Comment by ayesha

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