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I.P.I. no more?
1 May, 2006, 10:21 am
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Dawn reports today:

Pakistan and Iran on Sunday reached broad agreement on various financial and technical aspects of laying a Pakistan-specific bilateral gas pipeline with 33 per cent higher supplies to Islamabad, clearly indicating that India could not become part of it due to capacity constraints.

They, however, said a second parallel pipeline would be required for a trilateral project if India decided to join it that would further improve economics of the trans-national pipeline to the benefit of the three countries.

For the first time, the two sides clearly used the term Iran-Pakistan (IP) for the project instead of IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) when they jointly “decided to work on bilateral IP gas pipeline regardless of the outcome of the trilateral IPI project”.

“Both sides (also) agreed to make immediate efforts for concluding bilateral arrangements”, they said and added that it was resolved that the contracts and agreements for the project would be developed and finalised expeditiously.

A goodbye to IPI? Does the new era of economic cooperation end even before it kicked off? If so, then who is responsible?

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If so, then who is responsible?

Iran I think.

But I don’t think IPI is over. India is gonna wrench the last drop out of it to in order to secure the nuke deal.

Comment by BD


How so?

Comment by ayesha

Iran has the most to gain, and so does Pak. By streamlining India, what have these two countries gained? If you can answer that, then you can pin the clip on the donkeys tail. I would much rather see how the drama unfolds.

Comment by Afzaal

Iran is sure making news around the world. The IPI is one news item and then there is Ahmedinijads ‘letter’ to Bush that is making waves in the US.

Comment by IMeMy

Id, if I have to know more about Iran or Ahmedinjijad, the last thing I would do is to sift through american media. 😛

Comment by BD

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