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Gender Discrimination or what?!
25 May, 2006, 1:02 pm
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Nearing my graduation, I recently applied to the Islamabad branch of Siemens for a job opening they had advertised for through my university's placement office.

I got their reply today and it merely stated:

Dear Ayesha

The job is only for male candidates because of the odd timings of the job.


I am still trying to make sense of this. *incensed*


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More a CYA probably. If they hire women, then they might have to factor in additional costs – which they probably might not be willing to do.

(Of course I’m mostly guessing, form the one liner that you’ve put-up)

Comment by sukhi

CYA? elaborate?

sukhi, the one liner was all i got from them. 😐

Comment by ayesha

I have some very ignorant questions
1- isnt it against the law? to discriminate on gender grounds?
2- and yes isnt Siemens responsible to respond to the ‘diversity’ or ‘hr’ for govt? u know the equal share of men women and racial minorities etc stuff

hmmmmmmm–iii wonder!

Comment by Maria

cover your arse – CYA

were the copy-writers, by any chance?:P

Comment by sukhi

What are you going to do now???????

Comment by Afzaal

Unbelievable that a multinational of stature such as Siemens would document something as discriminatory!
Like Afzal, I too am curious to know what you plan to do next. Will you confront them on this issue?

Comment by I Me My

@ Maria: I have no idea on both counts. But this was majorly suprising because over the last 3 months various companies have come over for placement and all of them have been equal opportunity employers. So it is the norm if not the law.

@ Sukhi: aaah…

@ Afzaal and Iditis: well, I did mail the HR guy back asking for an exaplnation. But I am not expecting a response back…

Comment by ayesha

call him and stalk him.

Comment by Maria

Hmmm… That’s really really surprising :-O! Because, such a thing really shocks me. I work for Siemens Information Systems Limited in India. Wow, I cannot but say that I am shocked and appalled! I just chanced to come across your site from Sukhi‘s.

It really hurts me to see such crass discrimination. Especially to see it not being put into action after we all got a newsletter about having Gender Neutral Workplace Policy.

If you really are still wondering about it, and if they had not mentioned about the “criterion” in their advertisments, please do contact Siemens AG and tell them!

I find the contradiction and hypocrisy highly embarassing to say the least, being a representative of the multinational.

Comment by Guru Panguji

Guru, I pursuing this issue with the Siemens higher ups. Let’s see what becomes of it. : )

Comment by ayesha

Well, this happens in the newspaper industry as well. I was told that once a female was not promoted to be the News Editor of a famous daily as it requires late hours (sometimes till 4am or 5am), and that is why a person less qualified than her was promoted instead of her.

Comment by Mehmal

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