Red, White and Black

Diaries of a South Asia Correspondent
27 May, 2006, 1:37 am
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Came across these recollections by BBC's Nick Bryant at the end of his reporting tenure in South Asia. Some gems:

I would also rather forget the Delhi cocktail party when I came perilously close to asking a rather pompous sounding old gentleman what he did for a living, only to realise later I had been talking to the Nobel prize-winning author VS Naipaul.

Nor do I represent much of a threat to Richie Benaud, as I discovered covering a cricket match between India and Pakistan.

I tried to compensate for my lack of cricketing knowledge by saying flattering things about the Indian players, but on leaving the booth I saw a sign on the door read Radio Pakistan.


And I will not forget the night at Lahore airport, when I managed to import a bottle of malt whiskey into Pakistan by bribing a security official with a packet of condoms.

But a friend tell me that the security officials at Lahore International are pretty efficient, so I wonder about the last one…


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