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Summer Homework
6 June, 2006, 3:22 pm
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The Federal Government had asked the schools not to assign summer homework to the students. But one school owners’ association has opposed the decision on the following grounds:

(The) students were already wasting time in front of television sets and not having anything to do over the summer would be a nightmare for them.

I think these guys are missing a trick here. I remember the pile of summer homework we used to be assign during my school days. And most of the work assigned was not aimed at helping the students learn, but it was oriented more towards rattafication and reproduction of the stuff already covered at school. I do not think that the federal government issued a bad directive.

These school owners would be exhibiting wisdom, if they were to realise that the three months of summer can be utilised in other, more constructive ways. They can introduce summer camps which aim at building civic sense, at engendering a collective spirit in the children, making them aware of the problems around in society and how each one of them can, and should, play a role in the redress of the problems. But no! For them the emphasis lays solely on academic cramming. All the other things are just not as important. Our skewed sense of importance!

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Getting home work during summer holidays is really sickening.

I remember during our time we used to get easy going abridged classics like Tom sawyer, Huck Finn, Pride & Prejudice etc to read during summer hols. (One english and one hindi).

After the summer hols, tests used to be conducted on the respective books (simple questions), and who ever used to score the max, could buy any new book (within stipulated price) and get to shake hands with the chief guest.

Comment by Donnie Brasco

We and most of the students, I guess, used to do the homework in last few days or even when theschools were opened … And if final terms would end inMay … the summers should be free, some other creative works can be given.

And you have a very nice blog here , I must say 🙂

Comment by Asma

we used to get homework in our summer holidays and i remember no matter how hard it was for us to do that our teacher seldom give an eye to them so YES Ayesha I’m quite agree with u. but it doesn’t mean children should left nothing but enjoy holidays. there must be some summer campus, educational trips etc.

Comment by kashif

dont like the new look.

Comment by sukhi

i never did my homework cuz i hated it. it meant sitting down and just copying stuff over.
but i did like the reading assignments provided or the artsy stuff..maybe its me but it used to engage attention and in the long run did some good as well.
but..children should be given some kind of (innovative)homework lol..or they wud go nuts watching zee tv or hbo or indus music etc.

Comment by Maria

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