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World Cup Deaths in Somalia
12 June, 2006, 9:09 pm
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Hardline religious courts shut cinema halls and barred residents of the Somali capital from watching the football World Cup, prompting scores of people to protest the ban in which two people were killed, court officials and residents said on Sunday.

“We shall not even allow the showing of the World Cup because they corrupt the morals of our children whom we endeavour to teach the Islamic way of life,” he added.

This incident echoes strongly of Talibanism of the yesteryears. One thing is common to both countries: the turn to radicalism took places in failed and war-ravaged societies. Radicalism became a potent ideology when all other means to redress socio-economic injustices failed to worked.

This sad incident highlights a point which needs constant reiteration. Societies succumb to radicalism not because religious doctrines dictate so, but because all the other support structures of society fail so miserably, that they seek refuge in perverted versions of their faith.

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Exact! Nice post. I guess you know what I have been ramming on. I think the Somalian government is right in whatever they do…I also think it should not embed with protests…

I have an ambition that would change Africa for good, and the time will soon come…

Thanks for this lovely post…

Comment by Onyeka Nwelue

I couldn’t agree with you more on that! However, there is something else that nurtures and fans the flames of radicalism; the mute bystanders who don’t act or at least protest what’s happening around them until it’s way too late!

Comment by I Me My

@ Onyeka: I am not so sure if the the Somalian government is so right in supporting such bans. The threat of total radicalisation adn the breakage of social structures is only too real. The end product might be another Taliban-esque regime, which would definitely be bad!

@ I Me My: I totally agree with your point.

Comment by ayesha

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