Red, White and Black

Women in Advertising
2 July, 2006, 12:43 pm
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This morning’s paper (Daily Times) carried the following image in its Lahore section:

Advertisement Hording at Cavalary Ground

I don’t know whether to condone or condemn this defacing of the billboard.

On the one hand, I fail to see why a pretty face (or two) must adorne advertisements that have nothing to do with women. From razor blades to bread to bed linen, you name it! There are some amazingly creative people in our marketing industry and still they resort to the same old ploy to sell their stuff. All of this ends up turning women into some crude object to be plastered semi-naked on advertisement boards. No, this doesn’t go.

On the other hand, the defacing of these hordings comes from elements who would rather lock away all women in the chaar-dewaari. Also, defacing every billboard across a mall is not the correct way to protest. If they really want to stop the wanton use of women as brand-sellers there are better (and more fruitful) ways to make their voices heard. This will have to stop as well.

We need to find a middle ground. The ever-elusive middle ground.


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Umm, women are used cos… men are the primary target audience, maybe?:-D
(very sexist, I know, but hey, as long as there are enuf pretty faces in ads, me aint complaining :-D)

PS: what happend to the red and white part? All I see is dull grey and black in here.

Comment by Sukhi

What you see plastered on those walls is what sells! Also that which is in short supply is always much in demand. I guess both of these reasons hold valid in the case you mention.

Comment by I Me My

In Pakistan life is very difficult,
because ,our leaders are not co-oprated with the public of pakistan.We are not satisfied with our government.In Paksitan we never get good life as we want.

Comment by AFSHAN

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