Red, White and Black

6 July, 2006, 9:27 pm
Filed under: lahore, Pakistan

The Lahore Police is looking to turn it’s workforce into better citizens. The first step, in this regard, is to determine the “good” citizens in the workforce [good citizens? Umm, okay!]. And this is to be accomplished through a test prepared with the help of ‘psychologists’. Good enough. But the list of ten questions forced me to reconsider. The questions:

1. You find someone’s wallet on the street, do you … ?

2. You’ve invited friends over for dinner, do you … ?

3. You’ve been told a secret about your best friend, do you … ?

4. You meet someone at a party for the first time, do you … ?

5. If you experience a problem at work, do you … ?

6. You hear a noise outside your house in the middle of the night, do you … ?

7. You receive a parcel in the post with its address all smudged, do you … ?

8. If you were an animal you’d be … ?

9. Select the personality trait that most applies to you

10. You left some cold food in the fridge and now it’s missing, do you… ?

These ten questions eerily remind me of one ‘test’ I had done in a teen magazine. The Lahore Police lives up to its amazing reputation! Kudos! :\



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Nice blog!

Comment by laluttefinale

Nice blog!

Comment by Livette

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