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Presidential Security: Self Help
7 August, 2006, 11:57 am
Filed under: Pakistan

It’s take two near-death experiences to get an Army-man to carry a gun with him all the time. As the Daily Times reports, this is precisely what Musharraf started doing:

The president was in Chitral Valley in the Northern Areas last month to watch a game of polo. As the rough and tough match typical to the region was played on Shandoor Plateau, at an altitude of 3,734 metres, the president’s gun was visible above his right hip.

Musharraf, 63, is said to have started carrying one around after December 25, 2003, when he survived a second suicide attack in two weeks by radical militants upset with Pakistan for joining the US war on terror, the Telegraph reported.

Musharraf’s gun was conspicuous again when, wearing the traditional Chitrali cap, he joined the Chitralis as they danced to local tunes on the playground. Part of the dancing party, he looked a different man – a president among his people and not the commando he has been most of his life. But the gun gave the general away.

Of course, no help is better than self help!



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both were bomb blasts werent they? Is Mushy planning to shoot the bombs to hell? About the most nonsencial a post from you since I started to follow ur blog.

Comment by Sukhi

LOL @ the most nonsensical part. oh well, its a free world and everyone is entitled to an opinion.

But I wouldn’t blame Musharraf for this action. And it might not be that stupid a move. Most of the illustrious leaders who have been assassinated – were shot dead. Abraham Lincoln, JFK, Indira Ghandi just to name a few. So with Musharraf’s military background and training, I am not surprised that he is taking stuff into his own hands.

Comment by ayesha

Umm, yeah, I just kinda expected better from you, I guess. Too much to ask?

And on Mushy, my point was, when people are trying to blow you up, the best defense is the armour your cars wear – and in keeping your plans mostly secret. a handgun doesnt stop an exploding bomb – only a bomber, if he/she’s around.

Comment by Sukhi

Mushy is not an illustrious leader!!

Comment by BD

But BD! I prefer to disillusion myself. 😀

Nonetheless, your point hold valid. But none of those leaders have been in the dangerous militant crossfire quite as much as Mushy.

Comment by ayesha

I guess there is a stigma attached to a national leader such as Musharraf carrying a gun. Somehow, the fact he carries a gun did not surprise me and neither did it bring him down a notch (not saying that I hold him in high esteem).

Comment by I Me My

“not saying that I hold him in high esteem”

and many many thanks for the clarification Id 😀

Comment by BD

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