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So war it shall be?
10 August, 2006, 11:20 am
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Preposterous report:

Forget back channel diplomacy, if the Indian army has its way it will unleash a new “war doctrine” to combat what it describes as Islamabad’s new strategy of “attack by infiltration” into Indian territory beyond Jammu and Kashmir (J&K).

According to this month’s issue of Force magazine, the army may attempt to persuade New Delhi to follow the Israeli example in Lebanon and authorise the attack of “terrorist” targets in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. This could include punitive raids against Pakistani posts along the Line of Control (LoC), cross-border pursuit of militants and the crushing of militant training camps.

Force also stresses that India is “well-prepared to meet Pakistan’s war threat (in retaliation) head-on”, going on to suggest that New Delhi would simply need to allow its military a timeframe of three to four weeks to accomplish its aims before bowing to international pressure for a ceasefire.

I sure hope that this is mere speculation!

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Ayesha! for once, stop reading iftikar gilani’s stuff. I dunno why a reputed newspaper like DailyTimes continues to use his highly esteemed “speculative” reports.

Ofcourse it’s pure speculation, what else is gilani capable of?

Comment by BD

Arre Gillani is just reporting. The meat comes from elsewhere.

besides, he makes life interesting. 😀

Comment by ayesha

Isn’t it a journalist’s responsibility to present facts as facts and speculation as speculation?

He deserves to write for page 3 columns, gossip is the only thing he’s good at.

Comment by BD

And btw, the Force magazine published its first issue in July 2006. I’m sure they paid gilani to publicize their magazine a bit 😀

Comment by BD

Indian army will never have its way because the indian govt cannot have its way because the US always has its way. Moral of the story- might is right and the world runs on vested interest.

Comment by Hiren

The idiots at Force wouldn’t know “war doctrine” if it came and sat on their heads. Bunch of plagiarists and noobs is what they are.

Comment by Mihir

I cant seem to understand why Pakistan pays attention to “sensationalist” publications such as Force!! If there were any truth to that they have published, mainstream print media would have latched on like leeches. In this day and age of multiple media organizations scrambling for bits, such a story would have them biting each others feet to het to the bottom of the issue. No NEWS goes un-noticed, so this must be ‘Fabricated’ for sales.

Comment by IamMine

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