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Blood on your hands
29 August, 2006, 9:23 am
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In the afermath of Bugti’s death, this Daily Times Cartoon says it all:



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US, to which Musharraf’s wags his tail, too is okay with this too:

Comment by Tee Emm

It says it all. No?

Comment by shirazi

Mushy boy, it seems, has bitten more than he can chew. Will somebody retire this fellow and send him to wherever retired presidents go. very short sighted thinking by Mush & his gang.

Comment by umraojaan

A pertinent cartoon. A sad event but the politics of the current insurgency transcends the centre versus baluch nationalism construct. There are now external actors (with different pressing motives) involved and this is what makes the state so nervous and perhaps insecure.
I liked your posts especially the one on lack of political activism. Takes a non-hackneyed look at the issue.
Keep writing!

Comment by razarumi

Aaah the enlightened moderation … :/

Well your blog’s layout is just wonderful 🙂

Comment by Asma

Pic is telling the truth… there is no peaceful way to the destination of “Enlightened Moderation”…. Musharraf is also quite right when he says, “Peace comes from power”.

As a matter of fact, those who want to fight with government, cannot be requested to please stop fighting. Either they have to surrender or head of government should go home and establish some keryana merchant shop.

On the other hand, Bugti happened to be greater than Mullah Umer and Sadam Hussain… To die in fight is better than to surrender. Bugti, although was not fighting for the cause of his people, but his brave death has promoted the feelings for the cause of Baloch people. Only thing needed is to give Baloch people their due rights. See my opinions about these issues Here.


Comment by khuram

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