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31 August, 2006, 11:36 pm
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sajidandzeeshanAn emerging band from Peshawar has caught my fancy. Sajid and Zeeshan are the first local boys to bring out a commendable album in a language that is not their native tongue. Previous attempts to sing in English have been made by a number of other local groups, but somehow they have never been able to pull it off. But these guys have totally rocked it!

Two things stand out with this band. One, all their songs are based on unconventional themes – it is not the typical lovey dovey stuff that litters the Pakistani music scene. What is more is that all of their songs retain a certain continuity and fluidity! Secondly, they ventured forth with animated videos to complement their songs. I am absolutely in love with the video they produced for their song “Freestyle Dive” which chronicles the moral dilemma of an unemployed man contemplating a bank robbery. Unfortunately though, I have been unable to locate an online version so far.

In any case, I shall leave you with some of their songs. All songs are worth a listen, but “Freestyle Dive” and “My Happiness” come as highly recommended.

Happy listening!


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love now ur blog is ‘brown-green and shades of blue’ tut-tut stay with the color scheme.

Comment by maria

Sigh, the creditworthy never gets the credit 😦

Comment by BD

the credit worthy…

won’t happen, BD, won’t happen. 😀

Comment by ayesha

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