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Cars only for taxpayers!
24 September, 2006, 11:12 am
Filed under: Pakistan

A very interesting move by the Central Board of Revenue (CBR):

(CBR) has asked automobile manufacturers to sell vehicles only to citizens with a National Tax Number (NTN), official sources said on Saturday.

An extremely calculated move, given that it is implemented properly. The next step would be enforce the same qualification on the transfer of ownership. The numbers of cars on the roads is growing at a high rate owing to the rise in lease financing and the burgeoning middle class. So this step definitely makes a lot of sense.

[Story here]


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Actually license only for tax payers would have been better 😀

Comment by BD

pleez remove me from your orkut ignore list. i requested this some ‘n’ times.

Comment by prabhu

lol, BD!

Comment by ayesha

Everyone wants a car, but gets jeleaus/ sad when others get a car.

If we are so concerned about the rush of cars on the roads, then first we should take off our cars off the road. Instead of getting happy at the prospect of making it hard for other ppl to get cars.

Comment by brownie

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