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The Little Terrorist
28 September, 2006, 10:45 pm
Filed under: India, Pakistan

I finally got around to watching the oscar winning nominated short film, “Little Terrorist“. Watch it here:

It’s absolutely riveting and so poignant! One of best films I have seen.

The opening scene with the minefield and the crawling kid is absolutely damning. I loved how they protrayed the struggle between the prejudice held by the kid’s protectors and their humanistic desire to shelter him. But it is the last scene of the film that takes the honours! Take a bow, Ashvin Kumar.

A must watch.


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Thanks for the link. A very moving work indeed.

Comment by bhupinder singh

Thanks for the info. interesting.

Comment by Hiren

Quite interesting .. I’m going to repost it on my site .. thanks.

Comment by Arfeen

awesome movie. thank you

Comment by prabhu

Let me remind that N. Priyadarshani Indira Gadhay is the mother of all the terrorism in the subcontinent may it be LTTE in Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu, Punjab, kashmir, bombay, Delhi or may it be pakistan. She propped up all the terrorist groups when she was the prime minister of India, thus we have frankensteinian monster in the form of terrorism which ulitmately led to the demise of both Indira Gadhay and Rajiv Gadhay.

Comment by Javed Khan

What a terrific message the movie sends! Innate human goodness transcends all barriers, even those of religion!
Thanks for sharing.
This short movie is sensitively filmed and conveys so much more the much talked about movie “The War Within”, a rather dismal venture.

Comment by IMeMy

Neat-o shorft flick.

But who is this Javed guy and what axe has he to grind with Indira Gandhi? Does his croaking have to do something with him being paki and the creation of Bangladesh under Indira Gandhi’s leadership?

Strange how he drags something completely unrelated to the post into purview!

Comment by IamMine

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