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Three’s a crowd?!
23 October, 2006, 9:40 pm
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Apparently not. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan will celebrate not one, not two but three Eid-ul-Fitrs this year.

Halelujah! Let us all *bow* to the (various) Ruet-e-Hilal committee(s) and of course, to the corpse of national unity.


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🙂 For a recap of the two eed experience, is a start.

Comment by zakintosh

India also celebrated 3 eids this year.
I wonder if they really dint see the moon on one day or was it just for one-upmanship

Comment by Tamanna

well SPARCO can give lunar calendar for next 200 years.but why should we follow it.

once i was reading a Afsana of Ahmed nadeem Qasmi. he wrote that i am sitting in the mAsjid and Imam sahib goes on saying; these scentists say that evopration happens clouds are formed and then condensation causes rain fall. let tell me u Scientists, When there were no Science,Tumhara Bap barish barsata tha.(ur father used to make it rain.)

Now i do not know wht this Parliment gona do. they themselves are enforcing this country to have 3 eids be celeberated. How they Will Pass a bill to follow a lunar Calender.

Comment by Abdullah

I’m not surprised at all. In the small southern state of kerala, we used to get 2 holidays for the same eid festival, one for those that saw the moon in the northern part of the state and the other for those in the south. We loved muslims a lot [:)]

Comment by prabhu

do you know Haroon Saeed? a Computer Science graduate from Punjab University.

Comment by Salman Mustufa

The good thing is that we will be getting more than three Eid Holidayz 🙂

Comment by Areeb

Thought too late but would like to ask something to you people? What is wrong with three Eids? What problems do you have with more then one EID? Did our unity decreased after these three EIDs? or will it increase if we celebrate only one EID? there are many other things to consider for unity not this. I think we should not make an issue for the sake of issue and start bashing mullahs and islamic scholars for any event we personally don’t like.

Comment by Touseef

Touseef, it is a symbol of disunity and utter chaos. Here is a country, which cannot agree how to ascertain the sighting of the moon and how not to make a mockery of joyous occasion.

And this is an issue on it’s own. There is no need to make it into one. I would like celebrate eid on the same day as the rest of my compatriots. Why is that such a big ask? : )

Comment by ayesha

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