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The Perks of Being Rich
4 December, 2006, 1:40 pm
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Over the weekend, I followed the development of one very depressing incident with a grim heart. The incident in question, was brought to my attention by Zakintosh at The Windmills of My Mind. According to the news reports, the owner of the Nirala chain caused the death of 2-month baby in Defence, Lahore and then proceeded to threaten the injured parents into silence. Media reports suggest that an FIR against the culprit has still not been registered owing to an apparent collusion between the police authorities and the culprit. Such, of course, are the perks of the rich in our country.

I don’t know what is the status of this story at this point in time, but knowing how the system here works it would not be wrong to assume that Nirala company owner will get away with making a complete travesty of justice. In this regard, I urge you all to do your little bit to highlight this incident through the press and the media. One, I endorse Zak’s boycott of Nirala sweets. If we can support an innocuous boycott of European products to protest against the Danish cartoons, it ought not to be too hard for us to say NO to Nirala Sweets. Second, I urge you all to write letters/emails to your favourite papers and try to get this issue highlighted. Our efforts will not be able to bring back a dead baby, but we can at least make an attempt to stop the incessant mockery of justice.

Every single voice matters. Please join the chorus!

P.S. On a related note, Ejaz Haider of The Daily Times laments the lack of deceny in our society. Thought provoking material there! Give it a read.

P.P.S. A few friends and I are trying to organise some sort of protest in Islamabad (this week/end) and Lahore (the following one). So please drop in a note if you are interested.

Edit: The issue was also covered at ATP.


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With you on this.

Comment by shirazi

Thanks for the poem you have quoted. It say all but some time it is difficult to be a man. No?

Comment by shirazi

Do keep us updated on the developments

Comment by BD

Thanks for spreading the word. I’ll join you guys if in town. What’s the date, time and venue?

Comment by Waqas Bin Younus Awan

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