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More than Shame
29 December, 2006, 10:26 am
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Police broke up a protest demonstration organised by family members and relatives of missing persons, badly beating and arresting several of them after they tried to march to the GHQ to present a memorandum to the Vice-Chief of the Army Staff.

Eyewitnesses said the trouble began when a heavy contingent of police, led by SP Yasin Farooq, SP Muhammad Azam and DSP Rana Shahid, pushed some of the protesters inside the hotel’s boundary wall, shoving and manhandling them badly.

After some time more protesters arrived and started shouting slogans against the police. Those who had been detained inside the hotel also came out to join them.

This led to skirmishes between police and the protesters. According to the eyewitnesses, the protest took a turn for the worse when the police stripped a young man, Mohammad bin Masood, the son of missing Masood Janjua. The witnesses said even then the police continued to drag him, finally throwing him into a police van. [Link]

Follow on to this post on ATP. So who’s shame is it anyway?

I am too shocked/incensed to put down anything else. Maybe later. But does anything more need to be said?

 Update: A balanced and well-made documentary by PBS can be watched here.


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No, the image says it all.

Comment by shirazi

[…] This picture is a true representation of Pakistani people in the present day and age, we stand literally naked on the streets and authoritarian forces come one-by-one to whack us with all their might, rob us of all our wealth, we have no rights and we have no semblance of peace. Simply said we are at their mercy […]

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Obligatory Comment (saying it for the last time) – Am Indian

“The shame here is not on the young man without his shalwar. It is on the police for allowing this to happen”

Hope this rage becomes something bigger… police ruthlessness unfortunately happens the world over (Rodney King anyone?) but the public response to it is what determines the true social conciousness of a people…

Make something happen.. publicize it, protest against it.. it may be you or yours tomorrow…

Comment by Dazzler

“Jungle ka qanoon”

Comment by Asif

[…] is a true representation of the Pakistani people in the present day and age, we stand literally naked on the streets and all types of authoritarian adminstrative forces come one-by-one to whack us with […]

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