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3 January, 2007, 9:09 am
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Year end play: The Nuculier God
Theatre: The World
Set Design: Tony Blair
God: George Bush
Sacrificial Lamb: Saddam Hossain
Slaves: Saudi Royal Family and cohorts
Extras: The United Nations
Theme song: I can kill any Muslim

I can kill any Muslim
Any day I choose
It’s all for the cause of freedom
I can kill any Muslim
Wherever I choose
It is cause we’re a peace lovin’ nation

So we egged him on
When he attacked Kuwait
And the trial may have been harried
So we supplied him arms
To gas the Kurds
With him dead, that’s one story buried

Violence in Iraq
Has been on the rise
The US can hardly be blamed
Our interest was oil
And we stuck to our goal
Why must my cronies be named

Saddam’s emergence
As Arab resistance
That wasn’t part of the plan
Had Amnesty and others
Kept quiet when it matters
We’d have quietly gone on to Iran

Asleep I was
When he hanged on the gallows
Well even presidents need sleep
Oblivious I was
When the planes hit the towers
I had other ‘pointments to keep

More Iraqis dead
More ‘mericans too
OK they warned it would happen
Why should I listen
When I rule the world
No nation’s too big to flatten

The Saudi Kings
They know their place
At least they’ll know by now
Muslim’s OK
If you tow the line
Out of step, off you go, and how

Tony and me
We keep good company
Dictators know when it matters
Regardless of crimes
And religious inclines
Safe if you listen or its shutters

I can kill any Muslim
Wherever I choose
I choose quite often I know
I can kill any Muslim
Any day I choose
I did it so now they will know

Received this as a forward. Thought it was pertinent enough to share here. The tradegy of the whole thing is that because of the manner the trial was conducted and the verdict enacted – Saddam’s guilt was nullified by the martyr status he now has across the Muslim world. He won’t be remembered as a tyrant but a Muslim leader who was killed at the behest of the US. Pity!

PS. Replace “I can kill any Muslim” with “I can kill any Third World-er” and it would still hold true. It’s just a simple question of the congurance of American interests. The saddest part is that the Muslim world is the most spineless of all Third world-ers! Bah. I’m ranting early morning.


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Players. Don’t play. This is dangerous.

Comment by shirazi

It’s interesting to note that the play has only ‘a’ character, God; a pitiful comment on the world that bereft of character/s, has now to make do with ‘extras’!
Not that this is to redeem anyone, but according to NY Times the US was opposed to doing the execution in the hasty manner in which it was conducted.

Comment by I Me My

@ Id: The lack of other actors is quite the reflection of the current world order no?

And now it does seem that the US is developing differences with the Iraqi PM.

Comment by ayesha

The writer of the forward *JUST SO* came close to reflecting my feelings.

Mine would have been HARDLY this decent or metric or rhythmic.

My new year’s morning, 3 P.M., was spoilt, with that funny taste in the mouth. And it had got nothing to do with the excess of Rum I had with Beer and Coke.

Just opening or any other site and being BOMBARDED with the saddest and MOST humiliating images, humiliating to us-all, non-US-ers, of Mr. Saddam Hussein.

They DID IT, they will do it and they will keep on doing it and they will always get away with it! They always have.

From Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points to “Sad-damn” Hussein.

Makes me feel that the next reincarnation, I should come as an American.

‘Anything’ else is a bomb-able/kill-able/shame-able/pliable/profitable/Sad-Damnable/ *I am out of patience. Cannot find more words.*

Sorry All.


Comment by Rahul Sharma

Nice ricochet of view , we are hearing all across the world.

Comment by Fahd Mirza

I had the most infuriating discussion with a nice liberal east coast American about the cold war, but I had a hard time convincing him that communism was not an evil campaign for world domination.

Comment by Red


Just wanted to drop in a line and let you know, I am fan! Keep those blogs coming…

Comment by Aditi

“Makes me feel that the next reincarnation, I should come as an American”

Mr. Sharma: It may surprise you but there is no re-incarnation in America. Once you are dead, you are dead. Ask Saddam Hussain.

Comment by AL

Hey Al, that was a SARCASM!!! EnJOY!!!

Comment by Rahul Sharma

The saddest part is that the Muslim world is the most spineless of all Third world-ers! Bah. I’m ranting early morning.

Very true. But they are themselves responsible for it. Coz, without American technology, the ME would simply be nothing. The USA needs oil but the day USA pulls out of the ME, there will be no petrodollars.
Muslim countries don’t invest in R&D, women are given very lowly status and at times, like that of a slave, there is lack of democracy and the gap between rich and poor is shocking. There is no importance given to technical education( of course, Islamic education is top proirity) and All this contribute to the same. As long as you don’t follow the basics, you will be exploited.

Sorry for being blunt on this one.

Comment by Rahul Mulchandani

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