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12 April, 2007, 12:36 pm
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Attention Citizens

Concerned citizen of Islamabad/Rawalpindi have been watching with anger and frustration the terrorism being inflicted on them by extremist fringe within society. The citizens are also appaled at the state’s inability or reluctance to deal with violations of law of the land by the Jamia Hafsa and Jamia Freedia students. Their attempt to challenge the writ of the state by establishing what in effect is an alternate governing syste in the area under their control poses a threat to all law-abiding citizens.

To express the concerns of mutiple strands of civil society, including families, professionals ad business community, we the citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi intend to hold a peaceful rally condemning the tolerance of law breakers and threat extenders by the state. We also wish to condemn the terrorisation of a whole city by extremists. We hop all those comprising the silent majority will come out for this peaceful rally under the general rubric of Citizens of Islamabad and Rawalpindi – rather than any particular organisation. Everyone should participate in their individual capacity. The date and time of the rally has been fixed to coincide with similar rallies in Lahore and Karachi.

Date: 19th April
Time: 2:30 P.M.

Venue: From Islamabad Private Hospital to the Parliament

Placards and banners will be available on the day but feel free to bring your own as well with the relevant message.

Let us fight the tyranny of the minority. Let the voice of the silent majority be heard.


Please advertise this rally as much as you can – to your friends, coworkers and family and of course, on the blogsphere.

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U kno wat?Let’s see this coup-de-tat as a retaliation to the no-order state .
Writ of the state ?Bullshit.This writ lingers over the lives of Waziristanians and those in Wana and this writ strikes dose suddnenly vanishin from amongst dere families for unknown charges . This writ is dead when it comes to follow masses’ compaints – when it comes to trailin the murderers , when it comes to imposin the law-and-order – the law-and-order which is sumthing else den beatin up of protestors by police in the rallies .

So now dat we maintain that there exists no writ , let’s see this whole issue in a different light . This issue actually summarises the frustration of the people – frustration against this ugly face of dictatorship . Of course i dont favour Maulanas of Lal Masjid and I think they are very unwise in doin watever they are , and that they dont have nay write to do so , i still would maintain that it’s more of a “frustration against the law” rather then a parallel law .

When law dont gives justice ,people start gettin it themselves n dats wat we are experiencin in Jamia Hafsa , though in a real ugly form .

Comment by Salman Latif

i am an indian so my views may not matter much. still i wish all the best to the cause and rally. but i am little concerned about whether the message is percolated through the masses or it is confined to the desi angrez only. only common people can make any difference to the situation prevailing in islamabad and in pak in general.

Comment by tajwar

Salman, this is the wrong side to put the argument:

When law dont gives justice ,people start gettin it themselves

the trouble is that Jamaia Hafsa issue has NOTHING to do with justice. if this were muhammad janju taking up the batons, he would have had my support – but this is not about justice. not even an iota.

this is about the imposition of the will of a few on the rest of society – this is about pulling back the rest of society with them to the medieval period. this about giving reactionary elements space, which will difficult to wrestle back. this is about nipping it in the bud – before it spreads to other region. you already have girls colleges being threat-bombed in NWFP, while PU is flexing its muscles in Lahore. its about preventing it from getting any worse.

Comment by ayesha

it is confined to the desi angrez only

and interestingly these desi angrez will not even be the last to come out. they only try to agitate non-suspecting people in doing their bid. nothing more than buzzing flies.

Comment by DesiDuaiee

Ayesha, the whole fuss is about the greater set of issues, while our debates soar about the subsets alone .
This is all but an agitation of the society – though this time confined to radicalists expressin their agitation with the disguise of extremism .The underlying feeling is the same – lack of justice , lack of respect of masses’ opinion ; poverty etc etc .

Comment by Salman

Is this under the banner of any particular political party?

Comment by Asad

Asad: no, it is not under the banner of any political party. it is being organised at the initiative of the civil society. Please come to support the effort.

Comment by ayesha

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