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Now the civil society…
4 November, 2007, 4:37 pm
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Just received this from the LUMS alumni mailing list:

LUMS Professors Dr. Ali Cheema (Rhodes scholar, Econ phd from Cambridge,and one of Pakistan’s most notable economists, with whom I had the pleasure of working after the tragic earthquake in Kashmir in Oct 05) and Bilal Minto (Lawyer, teaches Pakistani Legal System) have been arrested while INDOORS.. I think they were organizing a protest for tomorrow. I was talking to another LUMS professor and he told me around 10 pm Sunday, 4 Nov 2007 that he was standing with around a 100 people holding candles, outside the Model Town police station in Lahore and that police were asking the people arrested to sign some document. I don’t know what this document said but they police were insisting the protesters sign it and they were refusing.

Asim Sajjad (teaches History of De-colonization etc) being arrested (in pic) here:

At the moment, private television channels are shut down, the Supreme Court bar has been removed along with the CJ, Musharraf’s cronies have been placed on the bench, opposition leaders are being arrested as are human rights activist, lawyers and professors.

Since private channels are shut down, here are some ways to get information:

GEO’s Stream is available here: mms://
Al-Jazeera English News Stream is available here: nal/
(set the video to lowest quality)


Also see. And.

These protests will only work when people come out in hundreds and not the tens. It will be interesting to see the police attempting to arrest a crowd of 200,000 peaceful protesters. Question is can such a protest be pulled off?

On a tangent, it is surreal to witness all of these developments from so far off. I never thought that it would come down to this. God help us.

In other news, GEO reports that public gatherings and protests have been banned by the government. So all the more incentive to gather a large number of people.

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The arrest of the members of LUMS faculty is very disturbing. I have added a post on the same subject at my blog.

Comment by Vidrohi

Got this message from a Taimur Rahman, who also a Lums faculty member and studying in England at present:

I just got off a telephone interview with BBC Radio. I made it a point to emphasize in very strong terms the arrest of Asim Sajjad Akhtar and other LUMS faculty members.

Comment by Vidrohi

From what I heard Asim was not arrested. His wife (Asha) managed to prevent the police from taking him away.

Comment by Shaji

Thanks for the update, Vidrohi.

Maybe you are right Shaji. Incidentally, check this video:

The bit after Tahira Abdullah comes on, around the middle.

Comment by ayesha

[…]As the news of the arrests of opposition leaders, notable lawyers, human rights activists and even academicians on a massive scale pour in – our eyes desperately wander around, looking for someone to fill the vacuum left by their absence.[…]

Comment by Wolves in Sheep's Clothing...

May peace and commonsense prevail is all one can wish for in the circumstances. Take care.

Comment by iditis

The Lums faculty members are out 🙂

Comment by Vidrohi

BLACK DAY on Thursday 15th Nov 2007

On that day every student will wear black article of clothings to his/her university college or workplace in protest against the dictator and emergency.Article of clothing could be the black wrist bands hand bands black Tshirts jeans or shalwar qameez etc..

We hope that you people will move your step forward and join us to make this decision Progressfull one. We do believe that all of you are honorable students and represent the Pride of Youth of Pakistan. so, this is the chance to register your response to this black era. Join hands and Observe Black day, and pass the message to everyone.

Please tell everyone ( ur friends and family). Your efforts will be appreciated.

Comment by nadia

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