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The question of the nukes
19 November, 2007, 1:36 am
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Our esteemed President declared two days ago:

“Allow me to stay in power, or else the nukes go into the militants hands. Only I (Repeat I), can safeguard the nukes. The west has a choice. Me or nuclear talibans.”

Good God. On Friday, at a panel discussion we organised at Kroc on the state of emergency in Pakistan, 2 friends and I spent the latter part of the discussion arguing that the nukes were NOT a danger to the West. That fears of OBL getting his hands on them were plain paranoia. That it was more important to root for civil and human rights, for democracy and for an open society than harp around the dangers of nuclear proliferation and AlQaeda (which sadly ended up being the hot topic, but more on that some other day!). But no, that is what they are most concerned about here in the US! Pakistan’s nukes and what do you do when your dear President offers such statements of confidence?! Oh, the MFoA says:

Meanwhile in Islamabad, the Foreign Office clarified certain reports of President Musharraf saying the country’s nuclear weapons could fall into the wrong hands. The FO spokesperson said in a statement, “The report is a complete distortion of the president’s interview. Contrary to the report, President Musharraf had reiterated that the nuclear weapons could not fall into wrong hands.” The spokesperson said, “He had argued that because the military organisation is responsible for their safety and security, our strategic assets are secure and in no danger of falling into wrong hands.”

Yeah right.

The top NYT story yesterday was US Sceretly Aids Pakistan in Guarding Nuclear Arms!

And oh, before I get back to work:

A new and classified American military proposal outlines an intensified effort to enlist tribal leaders in the frontier areas of Pakistan in the fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban, as part of a broader effort to bolster Pakistani forces against an expanding militancy, American military officials said. If adopted, the proposal would join elements of a shift in strategy that would also be likely to expand the presence of American military trainers in Pakistan, directly finance a separate tribal paramilitary force that until now has proved largely ineffective and pay militias that agreed to fight Al Qaeda and foreign extremists, officials said. [Here]

Charming proposal.

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Kahan heen aap iss pur ashoob daour mein?

Comment by Shirazi

Iss pur ashoub daur mein aap kahan hein?

Comment by Shirazi

United States should also clarify now if they have been helping Pakistan in building the nukes

Comment by Shaheryar Ali

Very Very Charming, indeed!

Why do we browns always play in the hands of the whites???

Comment by Rahul Sharma

We browns as u call us hardly have a bloody choice when we are standing at their doorstep with a begging bowl in our hands!

Comment by Faisal K

There is more abt nukes and the President:

Comment by Farii

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