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4 December, 2007, 11:11 pm
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Boycott the Elections. Stay at home.


Can you? [Access full size here, as I can’t get the wordpress editor to process a full image.]

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This is despicable. Staying away will NOT solve the problem – I would humbly suggest that either you make sure you vote and choose the lowest of existing evils or stand as an alternative and get elected yourself.

Staying away is just not a workable alternative as the evil forces will anyways get elected (without your vote) and since you didnt help them get elected they will ignore you and your issues as vote category

just my 2 cents… what do I know??

Comment by Daz

Although not as vehemently as Daz, I do agree this dosn’t solve the problem. I am going to vote(not that I think its going to make much of a difference) only to exercize my right which I think is important and well…. the experiance since its my first time.heh.

Its better to go through it and Scream Rigged, Rigged, Rigged, than to stay back and never be able to justify it. The more people anti-govt. stay back the less the govt will have to rig and vice versa to get a descisive victory. ONLY and ONLY if ALL the parties boycott will it make any difference. If not than the ones left chanting boycott are only committing political hara kiri…. only playing into the govt’s hands. Not wise Ayesha, not wise at all.

Comment by Prophet Ali

Im with ya…..i had decided before i came to this blog anyways. No point in taking part in a sham election, why vote when your vote does not count? why vote when ballot boxes will be stuffed and blank ballot papers have been already issued, so i am going to stay at home!!

Comment by Faisal K

Aye man to that!

Comment by aMmAr

Seems no elections now…. dire situation.. sort of state of insurgency.

Comment by asad

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Ghazala Khan

Comment by Ghazala Khan

so do the Boycott and let the stupid man be ur PM just as in the case of Mushi.

Comment by Hassan Abbas

I was of this opinion, but I have changed my mind now (though I can’t really vote as I’m out here in the winter hinterlands.)

I think that this fight needs to take a de-tour through the parliament. So, we should take part, send as many democrats as possible and continue the fight in the new Parliament. If the Illegal Dictator tries to use 58-b to dissolve the new parliament, then the fight shall continue in the streets once more.

P.S. I am always suspicious of _anything_ Jama’at-e “Islami” does. Sometimes they support the tyrants through “commission” and sometimes through “omission”. I consider this time around to be the latter. And please don’t forget MMA’s role (either) in the legitimzation of the last round of unconstitutional usurpations and molestations of the constitution.

Comment by Tab'an Khamosh

[…] 2008, 4:02 pm Filed under: Pakistan, Politics Around 3 months ago, I had made a post on this blog calling for a boycott of the elections. The post was made when the civil society movement was at its highest and the political parties […]

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