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An Open Letter to the Naysayers
7 October, 2008, 4:07 pm
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Dear Compatriots,

Over the past few weeks, I have heard growing rumbles, murmurs and whispers of many plans to leave the country. I am told that the game is up, the snitch has been caught and Pakistan is done. It is time to leave. Time to leave before things get worse. Time to leave before a suicide bomb hits your loved ones. Time to leave before you lose power completely. Time to leave to before its you.

I am told that there is no hope for the country. That corrupt rulers are in control. That foreign powers are playing their chess game with our lives. That the militants and the extremists will not listen. That it is not our country anymore. That nothing we can do will change matters.

Wrong. My dear friends, you are very wrong. No, the country is a mess. You are right on that. But you are wrong to believe that it is done. It is not done yet. A nation is composed of people. And while you might be ready to give up, others will fight on. Because they understand that individuals can make a difference. Because they understand that change does not materialise mid air – that people bring change. Because they continue to have faith. Imagine the difference it will make if each and everyone of us decides to live up to that responsibility. Nations are not built without sweat and blood. The require both. And a lot of pain. But most of all, they require preserver-ness.

So I ask you: did you exhaust all your options of making a difference before you decided to give up? Have you? Or did you just decide to give up, pack your bags and leave?

Call me a hopeless fool in denial. But I will stick it out here.  Because I believe that individuals can make a difference. Because every cloud has a silver lining. Because I am determined to do my share to bring change. Because no matter how much this country sucks, it still defines who I am. Because there is no place like home and I will not run away while my home burns. And because, we will change things.

So to you naysayers, I say: think and think again.

A Sad Angry Citizen

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Loved this post.It has really pumped me up seeing there are still people like you and we need to find such people who are positive and make positive effort and bring peace and unity in the nation, so that everyone with positive and peaceful attitude finds a mate and thus make a small difference and collectively its going to be a very big and very positive change. What we can do is literate the nation and inject the awareness in the common people.

Comment by khurrammahmood

I think this country has been on the brink of end or whatever since its inception. And I don’t think there’s going to be any significant change but I’m gonna stay here anyway. I’m just too lazy to go somewhere else.

Comment by Daud Ahmed

Don’t leave. Pakistan is NOT going to fold.

Comment by YLH

Hay Waqas,
r u the same guy who joined iiui for a while?? if so plz lemme know..
and ur post… i luv it and i am so happy to see that there are people who blv in doin something for this country..
And blv me there is no escape from ur identity.. even if u become a national of any other state.. i have observed it myself so own it and fight for it and no matter u lose or win.. u will be proud at the end that u have fulfilled ur obligations… i am not afraid of dying coz i blv in other life but i m afraid of dying with regrets.. May Allah Bless Pakistan.. Aameen

Comment by Rana Avais

Hurray! Keep it up man rather one should say who leaves ones mother amidist disease and though life is for once one should not try to live ashmeful life and should prefer to die on the beloved soil for nothing but the cause.and my dear neither rome nor usa was built in a day the also went through termoils.


I liked your determination and never say die attitude. Have faith in Allah, yourself and fellow countrymen..

Comment by Christy

I am happy that inspite of all the depression and frustration, you have kept your sanity and positive attitude alive. This matters. Young people must not despair. It is bad yes and there are many factors contributing to it. However, light at the end of the tunnel is not yet switched off.

Comment by jz

i feel guilty myself, i left pakistan three years ago, but not because i wanted to run away, but i wanted to do something with my life, i havent achieved that yet, i am trying and i think ultimately what ever i do, being a pakistani pakistan will succeed if i do.

Comment by Ahmad

i feel guilty myself, i left pakistan three years ago, but not because i wanted to run away, but i wanted to do something with my life, i havent achieved that yet, i am trying and i think ultimately what ever i do, being a pakistani pakistan will succeed if i do.

Comment by Ahmad

Nicely put! I totally agree. The beacon of hope is still lit with the words and passions of those still not disappointed with this nation.

Comment by Salman

Hi,its the first time i hv arrived here n what a discovery!Its the youth of pakistan speaking their heart out.Tp those who are still adamant on leaving ,my message is
‘IN the end what we remember, is not the voices of our enemies but the silence of our friends’
Stay course, Hold on, Speak for Pakistan

Comment by revivepak

Never mind one day we have to go, who can stay in this world? NO…

Love Pakistan!

Comment by Faisal


I am same like you an angry citizen. But My Fellow Pakistani’s there is always a solution for every problem. Let’s Pray and work for betterment of the country, what i think is if we removed our ethnicity b/w us than we can sort out our 95% problems. Hence we need to build up thinking that we are not Mohajir, not punjabi, not sindhi, not balochi, not pathan. We are just pakistani and we love eachother.

Message from another Sad Overseas Pakistani Citizen.

Comment by ykhan

Leaving a country is not that simple. Though some members of family might move, but winding up a running business set up and selling the property, think again, nobody winds up like that, neither it is practical. Also those settlement issues involve complicated procedures and formalities that require a considerable time; and how many are there who get immigration every year? Can you figure it out from your circle of friends and family?

On the other hand those who always have multiple visas endorsed on their passports might say so, and i am in their full support, certainly such decisions can be made for a better future.

And third thing, this time chances are quite high that the state might collapse, try luck with your passport in an embassy of your choice, and remember your Hotmail passport will not be of any use here. Good luck hopeless fool in denial.

Comment by anonymous

yes no one left , every one die

Comment by Daud Khan

I am an Indian and I really liked your thoughts…As i read through, I keep thinking two things-

What is happening? and Where will it all end?

I have travelled to many countries including the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia etc. and one of the things I realized on seeing other countries is that we in India have had a painfully slow and peaceful lives. We have not seen revolutions and dictatorships and have not had our society turned upside down through war, revolution or dictatorship. Its both a good and a bad thing- Change in India, even for the better is a painfully slow slow process. In fact, those of my generation (Late 20’s) have led extremely boring lives… But reading your blog I realize if this is the happening in Pakistan and no doubt there will be violence and upheaval if majority of people are indeed turning fundamentalist (and this is what I mean by fundamentalist- all the fake religious paraphanelia- all the show, the rituals, the narrow world view and less of belief in justice and humanity) then sooner or later its effects will spill over into India.

Anyway, this is not what I wanted to write for. I just wanted to say, great blog and Best of Luck….and please for God’s sake- get a grip you guys

Comment by Rahul

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