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PTA at it again?
7 April, 2007, 10:39 pm
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So, I hear from the grapevine that PTA is back at the blog-banning business. This time , wordpress has also been blacklisted along with blogspot. Apparently some ISPs in Karachi have already blocked the wordpress domain, but I can still access it here in Islamabad. Are these the last few glorious moments? I had to migrate from blogspot last year because of the same ban and I am seriously pissed at the prospect of a repeat. (I like wordpress!!)

But really, wither freedom of speech? And under the guise of what?! National security?! Curbing on government criticism? Yeah, RIGHT!

I hope like hell that this is not true, but if it is then: WTF!

Yes, I am really annoyed. 😡

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Hang in there.

Comment by daz

Well Blog banning by PTA has been in effect for over a month thats technically not hot news, but let me get you in on a small secret…. by chance Google switched the IP address of Blogspot right under the nose of PTA luckily our efficient censorship bureau is snoozing and we at DBTB have chosen not to make a big fuss about it and maybe wake them up to this goof-up which may rustle the sleepy heads of PTA and Blogspot may land right back into the blocked list.

I think for the sake of the blogspot users in Pakistan we chose to dive under the storm, and we will remain quite very well knowing that PTA does not know of this minor change in the IP address of Blogspot. Lets all just stay quite for now 😉

Comment by Teeth Maestro

Thanks for the good news doc.

Comment by alibhae

PTA = Parent Teacher Association? 😛

Comment by Mihir

why do they block these pages anyway ? i dont get it

Comment by Feesa

Hi there.. its a nice read you have here … If there are sites blocked, you could try using proxy softwares like the one available at to bypass that.. I have used it to view content when they were only available to local audience, yours is a much more worthy cause and the reason why this technology exists..

Comment by Noone really

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